New release 2010!

Bruce Sagan & lydia ievins

We are very excited to announce the release of our new CD, Northlands. This project draws together a collection of our original tunes, inspired by our shared passion for Scandinavian fiddle traditions and composed in traditional styles. You'll find waltzes, schottises, polskas, and more -- all in rich twin-fiddle harmonies, played on fiddles and nyckelharpas.


Listen to selections from the CD:

Our tunes

What else is on the album? A selection of our favorite recent compositions. Here's the full track list:

by Bruce (See Bruce's site for more about his tunes)
Sallys Födelsedagspolska (Sally's Birthday Polska) • The Three Bs • Carols Schottis • Pols til Fred (Pols for Fred) • Bruremarsj Hennes Elizabeth (Wedding March for Elizabeth) • Längtan efter Sally (Longing for Sally) • Kry på Dig, Carolyn! (Get Well, Carolyn!) • Pols til Lynn og Ted (Pols for Lynn and Ted) • Sallys Bröllopsmarsch (Sally's Wedding March) • Mary och Evans Bröllopsvals (Mary and Evan's Wedding Waltz) • Alan's Farewell
by lydia
Dewitt Road • Hedgehog Waltz • Polska till Margie (Polska for Margie) • Erics Bänk (Eric's Bench) • Waiting for Andrea • Lullaby
by Peter Blue
Mrs. Chambers

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Northlands at Bandcamp

(The physical CD is now out of print; we've decided not to order a third batch of CDs.)

Northlands CD cover

Bruce Sagan

fiddle, nyckelharpa, hardingfele

lydia ievins

fiddle, nyckelharpa

Bruce Sagan and lydia ievins fiddle, nyckelharpa, and hardingfele


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